2019 Midtown Garden Tour

Tickets for the 2019 Midtown Garden Tour may be purchased here. This year we will have thirteen gardens to tour. See below for more information about our gardens and gardeners! Follow us on Instagram: gardenthegrid

204 26th St

The Midtown Garden Tour begins at the New Era Community Garden. Located on an old towing company parking lot, the garden was established ten years ago by a group of neighbors who wanted a place to gather and grow. The garden has 48 plots and each plot is rented yearly for between 60.00-130.00 dollars depending on the size of the plot. In the true community garden spirit, all plot holders are expected to perform at least twelve hours of community garden chores to maintain the garden paths, the fruit trees, and the plants in the common area in addition to their yearly rent. The garden is home to native plants that attract pollinators and other friendly wildlife. On summer evenings, you can find midtown gardeners enjoying the sunset while trains rumble by on the levy. For information about plot rentals, please email neweracommunitygarden@gmail.com.

2727 F St

In just two and a half years, Holly and Rich have transformed their midtown home and garden. Knowing they wanted an inviting outdoor space on a busy corner lot, when remodeling, they built a green wall in order to create an outdoor room for privacy. Just last year they completed a custom-built garage to compliment the house. Holly, the gardener in the family, loves all flowers and plants; you’ll find one of everything tucked into every corner of her lush space. When touring her garden, look for her unique succulent planters and her plant “hospital,” a tub that contains plants she is working on reviving. You may even meet her feline garden ambassador, George.

2217 G St

A recent transplant to Sacramento and newly diagnosed as a late onset type 1 diabetic, Ty stumbled into gardening as an attempt to take control of his diet and to take advantage of the California weather. Three years later he has embraced a “let’s find out what happens” philosophy, using the California sun to grow a variety of vegetables. New to his garden this year are peanuts, grapes and green beans. Though his garden has become his safe haven, he still gets the most satisfaction from creating a meal from his produce and sharing his bounty with his neighbors. Though Ty’s garden is small, it shows how much can be grown in a limited space. 

626 21st St

Rebecca describes herself as an eclectic gardener. She’ll try any plant, no matter its size, shape, or color. She loves indoor plants just as much as outdoor ones. She loves the process of gardening: seeing what she can propagate, sharing her bounty, and learning from her gardening friends. Last year Rebecca added a flock of hens, started a worm farm, and joined the New Era Community Garden. Rebecca compares gardening to magic; you can return from a weekend getaway and come back to find a six-inch zucchini that has appeared out of nowhere! If you are interested in learning more about raising chickens, Two Flew The Coop will be hosting a demo here.

508 25th St

Brenda and her husband, a Bay Area musician, moved to midtown in 2000, and soon discovered that gardening in Sacramento took extra effort and expertise. Brenda’s first attempt at gardening in the Sacramento heat failed miserably, but she soon adopted a “survival of the fittest” approach, particularly after the long drought. Today she focuses on hardy perennials, and a drought resistant front yard makeover. Brenda, a florist for many years, loves growing organic flowers at her home and at the New Era Community Garden for cut-flower bouquets to give to family and friends.

2500 I St

Danny has been working on his midtown garden for six years. He doesn’t have a formal garden plan, no particular format or layout he is trying to achieve; he just adds plants as he goes to see what works. The majority of his garden is ornamental trees and shrubs with a succulent and cactus influence.  The yard may not be very big but there’s lots to see! Danny looks forward to sharing his garden with other gardeners in July!

2508 E St

Daisy Mah is a Sacramento gardening legend, and her home garden of 39 years reflects that. Daisy is best known for creating the WPA rock garden in Land Park but has since retired from her park service. Her own garden is a lesson in planting in microclimates, and when touring her space you will spot a shade garden, a water garden, and plants specifically planted for pollinators. Daisy generously shares her plants, wisdom, and creativity with all who ask. Though retired, Daisy still volunteers her time to tend to the midtown traffic circles and three other gardens while using her degrees in art and photography to beautify her home and neighborhood. For more information on Daisy and the WPA rock garden, visit: https://www.pacifichorticulture.org/articles/daisy-may-and-the-wpa-garden/

1309 W St (Enter off of Victorian Alley)

Our tour last year was North side heavy…we wanted to plant a seed in the Southside of Midtown and then work on filling in the middle a little…🎉 Garden Magic…🎉and Joe came along! He walked the Tour last year and decided he’d be on the next one, bonus: he’s got this beautiful space, a backyard coop and he’s pioneering the other side of the Grid. So excited to add his garden to the tour!

2609 F St

Cathy’s home is new to the tour this year, and we couldn’t be happier. Cathy has a typical midtown lot, one that goes through to an alley, and she uses every inch of her space. Her garden includes established citrus trees, vegetable beds, a raspberry patch, a fire pit, and even a rare midtown pool. Cathy gardens with a focus on recycling and sustainability; you’ll find reused objects everywhere in her beautiful retreat.

600 26th St

Same gardener but in a new garden. Jessa’s garden was on the tour last year -it was the tiny corner lot with every last inch covered in plants. She used planters and pots and had things climbing up twine into the eves; all in an effort to maximize her growing space. That property sold suddenly last fall and we thought her garden would be lost…but enter a neighbor with a big yard and a big heart to match! Beverly Hills opened her (former) lawn to Jessa’s green thumb and the now they both benefit from the shared space.

607 28th St

In my small yard, there are a variety of trees -myers lemon, lime, orange, Mandarin orange, camellia, walnut,  and fig (mostly in pots).  You will also find growing in the garden tomatoes, blue berries, chilies, lemon cucumbers, strawberries, herbs which include sage, Rosemary, mint, basil and cilantro.  I also like growing succulents.  Come and take a peek and see what other plants and trees you could find.

710 25th ( Enter off Government Alley )

Old meets new in this Midtown Garden! After a full lift/remodel & Garage Build it was time to add this gorgeous garden! Complete with fruit trees, vegetable beds, a water fountain, gas fireplace and Beehives this brand new yard already has a lived in feel💚 meet Lindsay from Bee Love to learn more about backyard urban beekeeping and see some city hives in action! Access through the Alley for this garden 🐝🐝🐝

1921 12th St

New this year on the Tour! Jeff and Laurelle spent the last four years building a food forest in their urban yard…after months of eradicating nutsedge! 🌱 They make the most of every square foot and follow a -let nature take the lead vibe- in much of their space! 

509 21st St

This adorable Family makes the most of every inch in their little City Farm💚 chickens and honey bees and vegetable beds make a great edible playground for their little farmer! They also planted a hedgerow of fruit trees along the Southside. Come see the biggest little farm in Midtown

816 U St – Open from 10 am to Noon

This is the Prickly Pear. It’s a navy blue house with a white picket fence, follow the path left of the house to the desert oasis in the back. The Prickly Pear is a succulent and cactus specialty shop and garden. We always are a nursery with purpose where we have a community garden for adults with disabilities to grow their own produce and participate in outdoor activities. We are open to the public for shopping only on Sundays from 10am-5pm and Mon-Sat we host private pot n sips where friends, family, and companies book potting workshops plus wine and bites are provided! You can also rent out the entire venue for private events. Lastly, we just launched a monthly plant subscription where you have 2 Succulents and a local wellness product shipped to your front door (we ship nationwide!)